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Programs & Membership

Drone Boot Camps

FIDA USA provides one-day Drone Boot Camps to local school districts for middle school students, high school students, and faculty. The Drone Boot Camps provide career exposure to students and facilitate professional development for educators. The camps offer training and exposure to multiple facets of the drone technology industry, including drone sports, cinematography, surveying, search and rescue, stunt filming, drone advertising, drone pick-up and delivery, social media posting, and other arenas of application. The exposure and training in these varied areas provides students with viable career path awareness. The law requires that all recreational drone flyers pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test. The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) was developed to meet this requirement. Graduates of the one-day Drone Boot Camp program earn their TRUST license.

Drones for a Day Program

FIDA USA offers Drones for a Day to smaller private schools or organizations providing students with introductory drone flight training and the opportunity to learn to play drone soccer. This event allows for STEM exposure and can often be funded by Title funds, making it affordable for local small private schools. Drones for a Day is also a practical resource for after-school programs, youth events, and homeschool groups.

Expanded Learning Programs

FIDA USA partners with local school districts to provide enrichment through Expanded Learning programs. These programs are offered by the district to its students during winter, spring, and summer breaks, as well as after school programming. Running from one to five weeks in length, FIDA USA works with small groups for 40-to-50-minute sessions training students of all ages, including transitional kindergarten through high school. Students are provided basic drone flight training, drone sports training and competition, as well as drone video gaming and drone-based art activities. The Expanded Learning programs can also be customized to provide enrichment opportunities throughout the school year.