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Who We Are

FIDA USA incorporates drone technology in the arenas of education, career preparation, sports & competition, entertainment, and recreation. It is the sole sanctioned American representative of FIDA International Drone Soccer.

The FIDA USA team includes top US drone industry professionals. This includes Hollywood producers, Hollywood stuntmen, Hollywood drone cinematographers, international drone influencers, drone instructors, professional athletes, top business executives, and educators from local school districts. The FIDA USA comprehensive team of professionals are the ideal specialists to advance and develop drone technology and sports in America. The marketing and media presence of FIDA USA is facilitated by ownership of two television stations.

FIDA USA is the sole sanctioned American representative of FIDA International Drone Soccer.  FIDA USA incorporates drone technology in the arenas of education, career preparation, sports & competition, entertainment, and recreation.


FIDA USA endeavors to expose, educate, and equip individuals for engagement and success in the drone technology industry, which includes educational, recreational, entertainment, career, and sport opportunities.


The goal of FIDA USA is to establish Drone Zones across the United States through synergistic partnerships in order to equip individuals for meaningful drone careers, expand the sport of drone soccer, and cultivate positive and exciting local, national, and international engagement.


FIDA USA, through its partnership with the originator of drone soccer, the Federation of International Drone Soccer Association (FIDA), uniquely offers three systems of drone soccer.  Each system delivers exciting opportunities for competition and skill development that will capture the imagination and enthusiasm of all drone soccer competitors. 

1. The Class 20 cm D-Soccer Ball

1. The Class 20 cm D-Soccer Ball

2. The Evolution Drone Soccer Ball

2. The Evolution Drone Soccer Ball

3. The Class 40 cm Drone Soccer Ball

3. The Class 40 cm Drone Soccer Ball

Uniquely, FIDA USA drone soccer is safe for all ages, inspiring students as young as five years old and capturing the attention of competitors of all ages.

FIDA USA, partnered with Camp of Champions A & M, offers highly relevant camps and training for elementary, middle, and high school students.  FIDA USA partners with local school districts to provide engaging and exciting boot camps, after school and expanded learning programs, as well as training and licensing courses.

FIDA USA proudly partners with Drone Flyers Academy and local junior colleges to provide drone technology training and education, including certification as a 107 Drone Pilot, effectively graduating students with clear pathways to enter the drone technology workforce.

With the vision to expand drone soccer across the nation, FIDA USA and Hollywood Drones will establish a television program featuring local, national, and international drone soccer competitions.

Tim Ingram

Tim Ingram is an entrepreneur, athlete, philanthropist, and dedicated family man. Over the span of decades, he has founded, owned, and operated multiple companies. Ingram’s athletic background includes playing professional hockey for the Nottingham Panthers. He also played two carded years at the Canadian national men’s soccer team training center in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  As a USA Hockey Level Four Coach, he has lent his vast sports experience and acumen to coaching youth in ice hockey. With a tremendous commitment to his community, Ingram has reached thousands of youths in the Coachella Valley through his non-profit organization, Camp of Champions A&M, that offers programs to incentivize, motivate, and engage youth in sports, technology, arts, and career preparedness. Ingram’s leadership of FIDA USA is highly informed by his business acumen, athletic experience, and desire to equip youth for bright futures. Partnered with an expert team and a vision to blaze a new path in drone technology, Ingram will apply his unique set of skills and experience to develop a thriving and pioneering drone-based business.

Skip Fredricks

Skip Fredricks is the owner and operator of Hollywood Drones. He also is an educator at two junior colleges, having developed a comprehensive curriculum to educate, train, and license drone pilots. As a chief drone pilot and cinematographer, with a rich and illustrious career in Hollywood film, Fredricks is a Telly Awards recipient and winner of five Emmy awards. Fredricks is a pioneer in the drone industry. He functions as a consultant, instructor, educator, and cinematographer. His resume includes Fox Sports, HBO, Universal Pictures, Google, Apple, and USA networks. Drawing upon his specialized experience and knowledge, Fredricks inspires youth and adults to discover unlimited opportunities in the drone industry through his non-profit, Drone Flyers Academy.

Amado Salinas

Among his many accomplishments, Amado Salinas serves as a devoted ambassador of the American Legion. The American Legion, often referred to as the Legion, is a non-profit organization of U.S. war veterans. It is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization aimed at advocating patriotism and supporting veterans and their families through diverse programs. Having served in the US navy, Salinas partners with the Legion with the mission to unite families across the 12,000 US chapters and 1,000 international chapters. The American Legion has partnered with FIDA USA to introduce and develop drone soccer programs at each of their facilities with the desire to unite families in fun and engaging activities.
The Federation of International DroneSoccer Association (FIDA) is the governing body for the sport of drone soccer, a global phenomenon! With global partnerships of more than 20 nations, the popularity of drone soccer is growing quickly. Drone soccer incorporates drone technology and the popular sport of soccer. The game takes place within an enclosed game pitch with a net that protects the drones from crashing or soaring out of bounds. The game is played in the air with five players on each team. Teams score by passing the striker drone through a circular goal post. The remaining four drones guard their goal post. The game is played for three rounds, and each round lasts three minutes. The first FIDA World Championships took place in May 2023 in South Korea.
The sport of drone soccer has been developed by Camtic, an advanced mechatronics technology institute, that specializes in the areas of aerospace, energy, healthcare, drone technology, automation, product development, and manufacturing technology. This cutting-edge company is the distributor of the FIDA USA drone components and equipment.
TNT is a delivery logistics company, responsible for the shipping of all Camtic products between South Korea and the United States, ensuring that FIDA USA products arrive well-packaged and in a timely manner. Communication between TNT and FIDA USA ensures accurate delivery of all components.